Friday 24th of November 2017

Maritime Museum, Barcelona

Simultaneous translation into French/Catalan/Spanish/English will be provided.

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9h30—10h00 Opening and Welcome

  • Frederic Ximeno, Commissioner of Ecology, Barcelona City Council
  • Josep Ferrer, Director, European Institute of the Mediterranean
  • Jérémie Fosse, President, eco-union

10h-11h30 Sharing the Mediterranean: A sea of challenges - Debate on the governance of the Mediterranean Sea

The Mediterranean is suffering multiple, complex and inter-connected crisis that put into danger its future. What are the instruments, regulations and stakeholders necessary for a better governance of our common sea?

  • Najib Saab, Secretary general, Arab Forum for Environment and Development
  •  Miguel García-Herraiz, Deputy Secretary General, Union for the Mediterranean
  •  Ellen Lemaitre-Curri, Director, Plan Bleu, UNEP/MAP (tbc)
  •  Ana Barreira, Environmental Lawyer, IIDMA (tbc)
  •  Remy Parmentier, co-founder, Varda (tbc)
  •  Moderador: Antonio Troya, Director, IUCN – Mediterranean 

11h30-12h: Coffee break and networking

Networking and coffee break in Maritime Museum restaurant area (No catering included)

12h00-13h30 Preserving the Mediterranean: Diving into trouble waters - Debate on marine litter and circular economy

The Mediterranean Sea is getting increasing polluted by land and marine litter. How waste policies, Sustainable Consumption and Production patterns and the so-called Circular Economy can reduce environmental pressures, improve our life quality and create jobs at the same time?

  •  Emma Priestland / Ann Dom, Seas at Risk (tbc)
  •  Sara Güemes Santos, LIBERA Project coordinator, SEO/BirdLife & Ecoembes
  •  Tatjana Hema, vice-coordinator, UNEP/MAP (tbc)
  •  Mamoun Ghallab, co-founder, Break Free from Plastic – Mediterranean 
  •  Representative, European Commission (DG Mare or Barcelona Office) – (tbc)
  •  Moderador: Ignasi Puig, Director, ENT

13h30-15h00: Lunch

Lunch in Maritime Museum restaurant area (No catering included)

15h-17h: Dynamic workshop for participative commitment to face Marine litter in the Mediterranean

Toward the Barcelona Convention renovation at the end of 2017 the Mediterranean institutions and NGOs will propose the “Barcelona declaration: facing Marine Litter in the Mediterranean toward 2025”.

Organized by Surfrider Foundation Europe and ENT Foundation 

  • Moderator: Vanessa Sarah Salvo, Coordinator, Surfrider España

17h-17h30: Conclusions from the workshops and final closing

  • eco-union
  • ENT Foundation
  • Surfrider Foundation Europe

18h-19h: Presentation of the book “Nature & Sustainability in the Mediterranean” (IEMed & e-u)

  • Najib Saab, Secretary general, Arab Forum for Environment and Development