Coastal and Maritime Tourism is the most important economy in the Mediterranean and a driver force for environmental and spatial change. Shifting the way blue tourism is planned and governed according to ecosystems approach is the goal of the this Blue eco forum, where maritime spatial planning (MSP) and integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) will be analysed to provide key insights and visions to strengthen the governance for sustainable blue tourism in the Euro-Mediterranean Region.

PLANMEDTUR, a project that seeks to define criterias and recommendations based on ecosystem approach for MSP of tourism in the spanish mediterranean sea, will be presented and discussed at the technical session”. This project has the support of the Ministry for Ecological Transition through the Fundación Biodiversidad.

Plenary Session program

9h00-8h30 Registration

9h30-11h00 Debate: Could Coastal and Maritime Tourism be environmentally Sustainable?

Coastal and maritime tourism is rising exponentially in Mediterranean destinations, threatening unique and fragile natural ecosystems and altering coastal dynamics. How to mitigate environmental impacts of this blue activity through better management, long-term planning and multi-actors governance?

· Ana María Oñoro, Director for Coast and Sea sustainability, Spanish Ministry for Ecologic transition tbc
· Ann Dom, director, Seas at Risk tbc
· Sergi Tudela, director for Marine Affairs, Government of Catalonia
· José Luis Suárez Vivero, researcher, Universidad de Sevilla

Moderator: Lluís Campos, researcher, ENT Foundation

11h-11h30 Coffee break & Networking

Technical Session on Coastal Tourism & Maritime Spatial Planning

11h30-13h30: Technical Session on Coastal Tourism & Maritime Spatial Planning

How sound environmental policy integration through Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) could reduce the negative impact of coastal and maritime tourism? Presentation of the PlanMedTur study and review of innovative practices in the Mediterranean region.

· Alejandro Gonzalez & Miquela Grimalt, eco-union: Learning from PlanMedTur study
· Miquel Mir Gual, director environmental policies, Balearic Islands: Posidonia regulation
· Niccolò Bassan, researcher, Università IUAV di Venezia


Q&A, debate and collective thinking




  • Representatives from major European cities
  • Relevant stakeholders working on Maritime Spatial Planning
  • Researchers, experts and public/private agencies related to Maritime Spatial Planning
  • Professionals and general audience interested in marine sustainability and blue economy

Blue eco forum is an event open to general audience with 150 seats max.
Simultaneous translation into Spanish/English will be provided.

The entrance at the conference is free, but we thank you to fill the form to help us managing the assistance