Strengthen blue and green economy is urgent for a sustainable development of the Mediterranean area

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• The first edition of the Blue Eco Forum, co-organized by eco-union, EUCC and Fundació ENT, brought together around twenty international experts to focus on the sustainable challenges of the Mediterranean region.

• A report by eco-union, GEC and MIO-ECSDE places Spain among the countries lacking an up-to-date policy strategy for sustainable development, together with Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Egypt and Slovenia

More than 90% of fish stocks in the Mediterranean are overexploited and many species, such as hake, are declining

• Marine waste, the refugee crisis, the sea and coast managements and the blue economy development, are among the topics discussed in the forum, held at the Museu Marítim of Barcelona

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Join The Blue Eco Forum to understand the sustainable challenges of the Mediterranean sea

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The Blue Eco Forum taking place on Friday 25 of November in Barcelona aims to address the main challenges the mediterranean sea is facing at the environmental, social and economic levels.

During the day, key notes, debates and participative workshops will gather more than 100 participants and over 30 experts and decision-makers. From 17h-22h, the Blue Festival side-event will propose cultural performances and citizens’ awareness micro-events for adults and children.

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Mediterranean Climate (R)evolution event at the COP21 in Paris

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eco-union, organizer of the eco-forum, is coordinating a round table on Mediterranean Climate (R)evolution at the 104 cultural centre in Paris (104 rue d’Aubervilliers, near Northern Railway Station) on Monday 7th of December from 17h to 18h. This event takes place within the Climate Action Zone organized by Climate Coalition, a COP21 civil society network with more than 100 international environmental and social NGOs. Read More

#GEF2015 Final Program available

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Barcelona, 21/10/15

With more than 400 participants registered, the eco-forum is already a great success. We are proud to inform you that the final forum guide has been published. More over, it is now time to buy your tickets for the side-events here, including the Climate Party on 22/10 night (20h-22h), the  networking lunches on 21 and 22 (13h-14h) and the Energy tour on 21 (18h-22). Check our twitter account for more info: @global_ecoforum