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Transitions towards Nature Cities (International Conference)

Espai Barcelona (Ground floor)

10h00: Welcome by Frederic Ximeno, Comissioner of Ecology, Barcelona Council; Jérémie Fosse, President of eco-union.

10h30: Keynote: Green Trajectories and social equity in Cities, Isabelle Angelowski, Researcher, ICTA-UAB, 

11h00 – 11h30 Coffee Break

11h30 – 13h00 Plenary Session: Public health and Nature in Cities

Moderator: Carolyn Daher, ISGLOBAL

  •      Ulrika K. Stigsdotter, Professor, University of Copenhagen
  •      Wilma Zijlema, Researcher, ISGLOBAL 
  •      BRAL citizens action Brussels 
  •      M. Laurent BRAY, Director of Green Spaces, Environment and Biodiversity – City of Limoges, France

Technical session I : The Scandinavian Experience on Urban Biodiversity and climate change, moderated by University of Copenhagen.

The Scandinavian Experience on Urban Biodiversity and climate change, moderated by University of Copenhagen.

14h00-14h:15 The Scandinavian frame: climate and green urban spaces management.

14h15-15h00: Case Studies + Q/A

  • Anne Mette Dahl Jensen (CPH-Uni): Punctual climate adaptation solutions – an innovation project from Frederiksberg municipality supporting ecosystem services such as water recycling, recreation.
  • Susanne Ogstrup (CPH – Uni): The use of green roofs in Malmø, Sweden supporting ecosystem services such as dampens noise, binds dust, cleans the air, saves energy and money.

Technical session II: Building Water Resilience Systems for Naturalization

Building Water Resilience systems for naturalization in Mediterranean cities, moderated by Orchis Ingénierie

15h30 – 16h00: Introduction : Water management and territories

       The Global global frame of territorial water management: Blue and green corridors. (Simon Woodworth, Project Manager Biodiversity and Territories, Occitanie Region, France – Biodiversity Natural Areas Service, Direction of Ecological and Energetic Transition)

16h00 – 17h00: Case Studies + Q/A

  • William Fettig (Orchis Ingénierie): Local and integrated water management by plant engineering in urban planning. Example in Montpellier
  • Olivier Damas (Project Manager Agronomy, urban soils, plant innovation – Plante & Cité): How to manage a green space that respects the water resource ?ds
  • François Hamon (GreenCityZen): Smart watering and reduction of heat islands in the city.


Nature City eco-forum is an event organized by eco-union with the support of the EC, erasmus+ program and hosted by the Barcelona City Council.