The Eco Forums

Organized annually by eco-union, the eco-forums are high-level, multi-stakeholders and participative events aiming to inspire and act towards advancing sustainability. Since 2008 they have gathered opinion leaders and change agents to promote dialogue, innovation and collaboration from key actors of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

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2021 Edition

Towards Sustainable Blue Food in the Mediterranean

Blue food makes a significant contribution to food security, and it has the potential to play a central role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals by supporting healthier, more sustainable, more equitable food systems. In the Mediterranean, Blue food is one of the most important sectors of the blue economy with a strong impact on biodiversity and ecosystem preservation. Shifting the way blue food is produced, regulated and consumed is critical to promote resilient Mediterranean societies. Planning, market and management tools such as Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP), ecological footprint or carrying capacity, among others, will be analysed to provide key insights, policy recommendations and shared visions to strengthen the sound development of blue food and resilient societies in the Mediterranean region.

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