Towards a Sustainable Mediterranean Economy

A review of the sustainability of Mediterranean countries and proposals to promote a green and blue economy which delivers on the Paris Agreement

15/11/2016, 19h-20h30, Marrakech – Green Zone – COP22

AGENDA (subject to change)

  • Introduction to the side-event
  • Alessandro Galli, Mediterranean program Director, Global Footprint Network: How can Mediterranean societies thrive in an era of decreasing resources
  • Jérémie Fosse, President, eco-union & board-member, MIO-ESCDE: P review of Green Economy & Sustainable national Strategies in Mediterranean Countries
  • Anne France Didier, Director, Plan Bleu: Indicators and trends for a Mediterranean Blue Economy
  • Comments from governmental representatives:
    • France: Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, General Commissioner for Sustainable Development (tbc)
    • Montenegro: Jelena Knezevic, Head of the support to the National Council for Sustainable Development, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
    • Morocco: Rajae Chafil, Director of Observation, Studies and Planning, Ministry of Environment
  • Discussion with the audience