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The Blue Eco Community aims
to be a Community of Supporters,
Partners and Friends.

Few weeks ago, on the first of december 2020, stakeholders from all over the Mediterrannean discussed the future of the Mediterrannean during the Blue Eco Forum 2020. They came to the conclusion that the active participation of Citizens, public Institutions and Businesses is much needed to accelerate the necessary transformation towards greener, resilient and more inclusive societies and communities. 

The pandemic crisis offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent our socio-economic model and put People and Planet first in the center of our economy and society. If well designed and implemented, the European Green Deal and the Recovery Funds can accelerate the socio-ecological transition in the Mediterranean region. But the voice of citizens, channeled by NGOs and Civil Society Organizations like eco-union, is needed to make sure that those major investments really benefit people and local communities.

The Blue Eco Community aims to be a Community of Supporters, Partners and Friends as well as Raise fundings to support eco-union activities related to the mainstreaming of Green and Blue economy in the Mediterrannean region. 

Join our Blue Eco Community and you will be joining a Community of Change-Makers actively contributing to the much-needed socio-ecological transformation in the Mediterrannean. You will be supporting our Research, Awareness and Advocacy activities to mainstream green and blue economy in the Mediterrannean, helping us to reach out relevant Opinion Leaders, Policy-shapers and Decision-makers.

There are different type of
membership for Blue Eco Leaders:


Students, Grassfield Activists, Citizens in transition.

Doer & Maker

Professionals and Engaged Citizens.


Philanthropists, Decision Makers and Opinion leaders (VIPs).


Public and Private Organizations (legal entities).

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