The 2015 Paris Climate Conference, also known as COP 21, will be one of the largest international event ever held on climate change. This Conference, planned in Paris in December 2015, must result in an international agreement to limit global warming to below 2°C. On day two (23/10/15), the Climate Eco Forum will therefore discuss the common challenges and economic opportunities behind the fight against climate change in the Euro-Mediterranean region and update the participants on the state of negotiations before Paris summit.

This agenda is a draft version and is subject to change

09:00—09:30 Welcome and Opening of the Climate Eco Forum

Welcome by Jérémie Fosse, director of the eco-forum and Opening by Janet Sanz, vice-mayor for ecology, Barcelona City Hall, and Edouard Beslay, General consul for France in Barcelona

09:30—11:00 The Resource, Energy and Water nexus Dialogue

In a climate change era with unreliable access to water, energy and raw materials, how can we promote the sustainable use and management of natural resources in territories and industries without harming economic and social development of the region?

  • Jesús Calderer, mayor of Cesc & vice-deputy for environment, Barcelona Provincial Council 
  • Manel Giraldo, sustainability director, Agbar
  • Michael Scoullos, president, MIO-ECSDE
  • Samantha Smith, leader, Global Climate & Energy Initiative, WWF

Moderator: Kristian Petrick, founder, All Green Energies & Operating agent, IEA-RETD

11:00—11:30 Coffee break

Networking and relaxing break

11:30—13:00 Financing low carbon infrastructures and green & inclusive economy Dialogue

Shifting to a low carbon economy requires massive public and private investments into cleaner infrastructures and greener businesses. How can we manage this ecological transition towards a green and inclusive economy?

  • Javier Albarracin, socio-economic director, European Institute of the Mediterranean
  • Eva Bufi, director, PPP for Cities
  • Herve Levite, senior expert, Centre for Mediterranean Integration & World Bank
  • Marta Subira, director for environmental policies, Government of Catalonia
  • Mohammed Sefiani, mayor, city of Chefchaouen

Moderator: Lluis Amiguet, journalist, La Vanguardia

13:00—14:00 Networking lunch

Networking lunch with speakers and partners. Buy a ticket here if you wish to attend.

14:00—15:30 Participative thematic open workshop on Climate, business and citizens (in parallel)

Business & COP21 (powered by Lavola – in catalan/Spanish) What are the expectations and opportunities to be taken to and from Paris by economic and industrial actors? Merche Farré, CaixaBank ; Marta Anglada, Ferrer Laboratories ; Encarna Baras, ICL Iberia ; Salvador Samitier, Catalan Office for Climate Change ; Sergio Fernández, Knauf Spain – Moderator: Pere Pous, Lavola

• Citizens and climate (powered by Caixa Foundation – in spanish): What are the roles of citizens and cities to develop, support and implement commitments against climate change? Alicia Torrego, Conama ; Jordi Portabella, Caixa Foundation ; Ignasio Fernandez, AECC ; Maties Serracant, Sabadell City hall; Moderador: Susana Pascual, COAMB

Capitalism, entrepreneurship & Sustainability (powered by Conscious Capitalism – in English/Spanish): can business, entrepreneurs and capitalism incorporate sustainability and stakeholders’ interest? José Mª Ayuso, La Viña del Vero ; Jordi Gali, VanAPedal ; Alberto López, ecoavantis ; Roger Garcia, SCP/RAC ; Amiar Taha, Massolia ; Moderator: Sven Kallen, CC Barcelona

Creativity & sustainable leadership (in English/Spanish): Experiential workshop to explore new skills and competences for eco-creative leaders. Koos Vos, coach & Helena Lizari, dancer.

15:30—16:00 Coffee Break

Networking and relaxing break

16:00—17:30 The Climate, Energy and SDGs Dialogue

What are the synergies, challenges and opportunities between Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), recently approved by the UN assembly, Paris Climate summit expectations and global Energy transition?

  • Pedro Ballesteros, director, Energy and Climate, European Union
  • Nicolas Debaisieux, climate change advisor, Union for Mediterranean & French Ministry for sustainable development
  • Arnau Queralt, director, Advisory Council for Sustainable Development of Catalonia
  • Farooq Ullah, director, Stakeholders forum
  • Victor Viñuales, director, ecodes foundation

Moderator: Cristina Manzano, Director, EsGlobal

17:30—18:00 Conclusions and closing

Conclusions of the workshops and closing of Climate Eco Forum

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