Mobility, manufacturing, building, food, water are all energy related urban phenomena that require creative solutions to reduce their climate impact. Valuable ingredients like density, technologies, services, behaviours and infrastructures can enable bold progress in the race towards zero-carbon cities. The Urban Energy forum will bring together leading international experts to discuss disruptive initiatives and ideas on how to promote, develop and radically transform urban areas, so that they become genuinely environmentally sustainable, energetically self-sufficient and climate resilient.

This agenda is a draft version and is subject to change

09:00—09:30 Welcome and Opening

Opening of the Global Eco Forum 2015 and introduction of the Urban Energy Forum.

09:30—11:00 The Great Urban Energy Revolution Dialogue

How will cities manage the evolution of centralized energy grids into carbon-neutral and self-sufficient networks? What would be the role of power utilities, technological suppliers, citizens and local administrations to construct and manage sustainable energy infrastructures?

  • Jose Etcheverry, professor, York University
  • Angel Gonzalo, energy solutions director, Gas Natural
  • Merce Rius, director, Catalan Energy Agency
  • Stefan Schurig, director, Climate Energy & Cities, World Future Council

Moderator: Stuart Reigeluth, founder, Revolve Media

11:00—11:30 Coffee break

Networking and coffee break

11:30—13:00 Zero emissions mobility Dialogue

Low carbon mobility solutions are advancing with giant steps but are still restricted to a very few. How to overcome the gaps between availability of technology, consumers’ behaviours and economic sustainability to mainstream zero emissions mobility in cities?

  • Greg Archer, Clean vehicles manager, Transport & Environment
  • Manuel Valdes, e-mobility director, City of Barcelona
  • Andreas Røhl, associate, Gehl Architects & former mobility director, City of Copenhaguen
  • Vincent Rosso, Founder, BlaBlaCar Spain

13:00—14:00 Lunch

Networking lunch with speakers and partners. Buy a ticket here if you wish to attend.

14:00—15:30 Participative workshops on energy and cities (in parallel)

Energy & Building (powered by Green Building Council Spain– in Spanish): Can we reduce energy consumption while generating renewable energy where it is being consumed? Bruno Sauer, GBC Spain ; Micheel Wassouf, PassivHouse ; Josep Ricart, H-arquitectes ; Moderador: Gloria Gomez, cc60

Energy & Citizens (powered by ecoserveis – in Catalan): Shall we open networks and share data to increase energy efficiency and promote renewable sources? Oriol Gavalda, aiguasol ; Alfons Pérez, Xarxa per la Soberanía Energética ; Nuri Palmada, Som Energía ; Fundación Renovables – Moderator: Oriol Gimenez, ecoserveis

Waste & Cities (powered by Catalan Waste Agency – in English/Spanish): How can we transform the flow of urban waste into quality nutrients feeding our cities? Ignasi Puig, ENT ; Veronica Kuchinow, Simbiosy ; Josep Simó, Catalan Waste Agency ; Marceli Sugrañes, Rosa Gres ; Fernando Gabirondo, Interface – Moderator: Carlo Pesso, Renewable Matter

Food & Citizens (powered by Danone – in Spanish): How to reduce food waste, increase local production and promote healthier urban lifestyles?  Fund. Banc de aliments ; Pilar Chiva, Agencia Catala de Residus ; Gabi Susana, Aprofitem els aliments ; Charo Saavedra, Danone ; David Esteller, AECOC – Moderator: Mariajo Maroto, eco-union

15:30—16:00 Coffee break

Networking and relaxing break

16:00—17:30 Productive, healthy and resilient cities

Cities are going to suffer increasing disruptions due to climate change, geopolitical tensions, technological breakthroughs and citizen’s behaviours. How to increase their capacity and capability to react to such unpredictable developments while guaranteeing quality of life for all citizens within the limits of our planet?

    • Dan Lewis, head of Urban Risks, UN Habitat
    • Eva Herrero, Commissioner  for ecology, City of Barcelona
    • Alessandro Galli, head of Mediterranean, Global Footprint Network
    • Ridha Abbassi, mayor, city of Kasserine, Tunisia
    • Richard Bellingham, director, Institute for future Cities

Moderator: Cristina Mas, senior journalist, Ara

17:30—18:00 Conclusions

Conclusions of the workshops and the plenary sessions

18:00-20:00 Energy transition tour

Energy tour on electric bus to an eco-efficient renewable energy facility- Buy tickets here

18:30-20:00 Eurosolar Energy Award

Annual award ceremony organized by Eurosolar Association for best solar energy projects in Spain. Send an email here ro register.

20:00—22:00 Climate Dinner Party

Join our amazing climate party with finger cocktail – organic, local and seasonal food) – and live music performance. Buy tickets  here

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