This year’s Global Eco-Forum joins forces with the  Vilamon Festival, a citizen event promoting responsible and sustainable tourism, and the City of Barcelona, to reflect on the sustainable transition of Urban Tourism in the Mediterranean and its contribution to the implementation of Paris Agreements and the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Tourism is a global mass phenomenon that attracts millions of tourists annually to the Mediterranean and European region. In addition to its economic value, this activity has impacts on culture, local society and the environment that require reflection and action to reduce negative externalities and enhance positive benefits.

Tourism Eco Forum aims to enriching discussions and debates about transition scenarios into a more sustainable urban tourism and how policies should respond to climate change and urban sustainability issues. Consequently, the Eco Forum promotes new leaderships and sustainable cooperation in the euro-mediterranean region with the will of managing this global phenomena in a way that is possible to reconcile competitiveness and sustainability, hospitality and governance, local economy and globalization.

In parallel to the forum, the  Vilamon Festival raise awareness with the general public and engage the authorities, the industry and the social agents from the tourism sector by encouraging more creative solutions to emerge in Barcelona and other mediterranean cities.

n coherence with our values and principles, the production of the event by our partner Loom Sostenible will be held under criteria of sustainability in line with the ISO 20121 Sustainability Management events.

Date: Friday 14/10/16      – Place: Espai Bonnemaison, Sant Pere Mes Baix 7, Barcelona

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