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FRIDAY 14th OCTOBER 2016 (Espai Bonnemaison, Sant Pere Més Baix 7, Barcelona) – Simultaneous translation from Catalan/French/Spanish towards English.

9h00 – 9h15: Registration

9h15 – 9h30: Opening

  • Jeremie Fosse, Director, Global Eco Forum & President, eco-union
  • Agustí Colom, Deputy Mayor, Business and Tourism, Barcelona City Council. 

9h30 – 11h00: Geopolitics & Tourism: Building city cooperation for sustainability.

Tourism is one of the most powerful forces of globalization and the cities are playing a fundamental role as global tourism destinations. Global travel patterns to urban destinations are not represented by local tourism policies as long as travellers can visit entire regions through means of transport getting faster, interconnected and affordable. This dialogue aims to further examine how the cities can generate partnerships to face global tourism challenges and opportunities, relating environmental impact reduction, wealth distribution, regulation of the hospitality urban models and the establishment of city political cooperation in regions like Europe and Mediterranean.

Moderator: Alessandro Scarnato, Architect, Independent.

  • Esencan Terzibasoglu, Director, Destination Management Programe, UNWTO.
  • Anne-France Didier, Director, Plan Bleu / UNEP MAP
  • A. Paolo Russo, Professor, University Rovira i Virgil
  • Paolo Costa, President, Venice Port Authority

11h00 – 11h30: Coffee Break

11h30-13h00: Green & Inclusive City Destinations – How to conciliate sustainability and competitiveness?

Globalization of mass urban tourism is increasing the loss of local character due to gentrification and the socio-economic inequalities, causing social conflicts and urban commoditization. A reorientation of tourism policy towards an effective contribution to local economy and sustainable development could have positive effects of the competitiveness. In terms of that, how should policies should respond in order to be sustainable for both locals and visitors?

Moderator: Natalia Ferrer Roca, Associate Editor, The Place Brand Observer

  • Luigi Cabrini, Chairman of Board, Global Sustainable Tourism Council
  • Petra Stusêk, Director, Ljubljana Tourism Board
  • Joan Torrella, Director, Business & Tourism, Barcelona City Government
  • Graeme Jackson, Partnership Director, Travel Foundation

13h00 – 14h00 Lunch Break at Convent de Sant Agustí (separate registration – 15€)

14h00-15h30 Afternoon Session: Workshops in Parallel

Workshop 1: Governance of sustainable urban tourism

  • Objective: identify and share key factors for successful urban tourism and sustainability policies around European and Mediterranean destinations. With the support of a moderator the session will be lead to a round table to discuss about diverse cases and identify conclusions.
  • Organizer: eco-union, in collaboration of URV-GRATET (Research Group on Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies)
  • Place: Anfiteatro Espai Bonmaison
  • Language: English-Spanish/Catalan (simultaneous translation).
  • Audience: politicians and destinations technicians, tourism consultants and social agents.
  • Moderator: Raquel Santos Lacueva, Phd Fellow Researcher, URV-GRATET (Research Group on Territorial Analysis and Tourism Studies)
  • Case studies 
    • Barcelona: Albert Arias, Director, Strategic Tourism Plan, Barcelona Government
    • Ljubljana: Petra Stusêk, Director, Ljubljana Tourism Board
    • Venice: Paolo Costa, President and Secretary General, Venice Port Authority
    • Berlin:  Johannes Novy, Lecturer, Cardiff University
  • Round Table: How to reinforce the public policies of urban tourism in order to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals?

Workshop 2: Taking Action for Sustainable Destination

  • Objective: Workshop for tourist organizations interested in applying sustainability criteria. Through members of the Global Council of Sustainable Tourism and other organizations will get to know how to apply them in their respective sectors
  • Organize: eco-union, in collaboration with Barcelona Tourism Board and Global Sustainable Tourism Council.
  • Place: Sala Gran 1, Convent de Sant Agustí.
  • Language: Spanish/English/Catalan (no translation)
  • Audience: tourism businesses and professionals.
  • Moderator: Susana Conde, Executive Member, Global Sustainable Tourism Council
  • Speakers:
    • Jordi William Carnes, CEO, Barcelona Tourism Board
    • Luigi Cabrini, Chair, Global Sustainable Tourism Council
    • Guy Bigwood, Sustainability Director, MCI Group
    • Angel Díaz, Senior Consultant, Biosphere Tourism
    • Graeme Jackson, Partnership Director, Travel Foundation

15h30-16h00: coffee break

 16h00 – 17h30: Strategies for success: how the urban destinations can contribute to Paris Agreement and Sustainability Development Goals?

Urban destinations in Europe and the Mediterranean are facing new challenges that need political answers and co-responsibility of all the urban agents. The environmental impact levels are increasing due to the mobility systems and the mass global tourism, thus contributing to climate change. Therefore, if the tourism is considered as a sustainable development tool, how should urban destinations contribute to sustainable development and Paris COP21 Agreements, and how policies should address these issues?

Moderator: Sander Laudy, Architect, B01

  • Geoffrey Lipman, President, International Council of Tourism Partners
  • Nada Roudies, Secretary-General, Ministry of Tourism, Morocco
  • Bill Hemmings, Director of Aviation and Shipping, Transport & Environment

17h30-18h00: Closing panel: Conclusions workshops and plenary sessions by facilitators and Alejandro González, commissioner

Download the agenda (pdf)


Tourism Eco Forum presentation