Financing pathways for green businesses and sustainable entrepreneurs (SWITCH-Med Initiative)

SWITCH-Med Network Facility is glad to contribute to the Forum with a workshop where we will explore the spectrum of green financing solutions available for manufacturing industry and start-up companies in the whole of Mediterranean region, and especially in North African countries. For more information on speakers and moderation please visit this link.

Water Management and governance (within GOTA project)

Gota 4 Regs project: Territorial cooperation project in sustainable water management, funded by the Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranean.

The workshop aims to facilitate the elaboration of European projects in water management and sustainability, based on the findings of the regional meetings celebrated on 10th and 24th October in Barcelona and Carcassonne.

This workshop has 2 objectives:
1. facilitate understanding of the organizations on the territory of the Euroregion Pyrenees-Mediterranean,
2. create joint working groups to develop international cooperation projects and seek funding together.
Join and find the synergies and partnerships you need to accomplish your project and / or join an existing one.

Registration on this form is required to participate in the workshop.