Integrating ecosystem approach on coastal and marine tourism




Coastal and Marine Tourism is the most important blue economy sector in the Mediterranean and a driver force for environmental and spatial change with strong impact on coastal and marine biodiversity both locally and globally. Shifting the way blue tourism is planned and governed according to ecosystems approach is the goal of the this Blue eco forum, where maritime spatial planning (MSP) and integrated coastal zone management (ICZM) will be analysed to provide key insights and visions to strengthen the governance for sustainable blue tourism in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. A new study on “Blue Tourism & Biodiversity” that seeks to define criterias and recommendations based on ecosystem approach for coastal and marine tourism management and planning in the mediterranean sea will be presented and discussed at the technical session, with the support of the City of Barcelona and the french agency for Environment (ADEME).

Plenary Session

10h00-11h00: Opening debate on Tourism and Environment in the Mediterranean – issues, frameworks and policy options. 

Relevant stakeholders and international experts will explore the challenges, opportunities, barriers and needs related to coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean region, with a special focus on environmental impacts, governance issues and management tools at the regional level. 

Technical Workshops

11h30-13h30: Working Session on Management of Coastal and Maritime tourism around Mediterranean cities – Focus on Barcelona and its Coastal Management Plan (in Catalan/Spanish) 

How sound environmental policy integration could reduce the negative impact of coastal and maritime tourism in and around Mediterranean cities? Presentation of the Barcelona coastal management plan and review of innovative practices in the Mediterranean region.

Q&A, debate and collective thinking

13h30 – 15h00 Lunch (for speakers)

15h00 – 17h00: Working Session on Ecosystem-based Approach in Mediterranean Coastal and Maritime tourism planning and management – Implementation through the Barcelona regional sea convention.



  • Representatives of coastal communities, local and regional authorities
  • Stakeholders working on Maritime Spatial Planning, blue economy and blue tourism
  • Researchers, experts and public/private agencies 
  • Professionals and general audience interested in environmental sustainability

Blue eco forum is an event open to key stakeholders with limited seats. Send us an email to if you are interested to attend.
Spanish and English are used without translation.