In the last years tourism management has received an extraordinary attention from public and private actors on how to monitor, evaluate and improve its competitiveness. However, little attention has been put on developing governance frameworks and policy making instruments to deal with the environmental and social sustainability of urban tourism derived from mass tourism.

The study “Urban Tourism Sustainability in European Cities” leaded by eco-union, with the support of the City of Barcelona and the collaboration of the University of Rovira i Virgili, has analysed consolidated European city destinations, to understand how economic, environmental and social sustainability is taking into consideration in their policies and strategies and which kind of instruments are put in place to manage different tourism issues.

The overall objective of the workshop is to debate and share practices dealing with growing urban tourism issues (i.e. overtourism, gentrification, illegal renting, air/noise pollution, work conditions, etc). Particularly, the workshop will look at:

  • Identification, monitoring and assessment of urban tourism issues.
  • Policy instruments for sustainable tourism in cities.
  • New governance frameworks for tourism and urban sustainability.


  • Representatives from major European cities
  • Relevant stakeholders working on urban tourism policies (OECD, etc.)
  • Researchers, experts and public/private agencies related to urban tourism.


*The morning workshop is under invitation and limited to 30 participants.
The afternoon conference is open to general audience with 100 seats max.
Language of the afternoon conference is Spanish (no translation available).
The entrance at the conference is free, but we thank you to fill the form to help us managing the assistance





Espai Barcelona (Ground floor)

9h30: Welcome by Tourism Director, Mr Joan Torrella, City of Barcelona; President of eco-union, Mr Jeremie Fosse.

9h45: Keynote: Dr A. Paolo Russo (University Rovira I Virgili) + Q/A

Governing urban tourism and sustainable development in the age of hyper-mobilites

10h30: Presentation of 3 case studies (20 min. each + Q&A): Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris.

Delphine Assouline, Head of Sustainable Tourism, Paris Council.

Vera Pais, Head Urban Monitoring, Lisbon Council.

Albert Arias, Director, Tourism Strategic Plan, Barcelona Council.

12h15: Keynote: Alain Dupeyras, Head of Tourism, OECD + Q/A

Global Trends and Urban Policy Priorities for Sustainable Tourism

13h00: Lunch time (by courtesy of Barcelona City Council)

14h00: Report highlight: Tourism Policies & Sustainability in European Cities

Presented by Alejandro González, eco-union (20 min) Presentations + Q/A

14h30: Policy discussion (2 hours) – Parallel round tables with facilitators:

  • Multi-stakeholder’s governance for sustainable urban tourism
  • Policy instruments for sustainable urban tourism
  • Emerging sustainability issues identification, monitoring and integration

16h30: Conclusions of each round tables and final closing 

17h00: End of the Workshop


Cibernarium (2nd floor)

18h00: Conference on Innovative policies and strategies for the sustainability of European urban tourism. This session is oriented to local tourism stakeholders.

Language: Spanish, no translation services.

Moderate by Dr. Julie Wilson (UOC). Panelists:

Agustí Colom (Alderman, Tourism, Commerce and Markets, Barcelona), Jérémie Fosse (eco-union) and Paolo A. Russo (URV)

19h30: Closing Cocktail, courtesy of Barcelona Council.


Innovative European policies on Sustainable Urban Tourism is an event organizeb by eco-union with the support of Universitat Rovira i Virgili and hosted by the Barcelona City Council.