Draft Agenda

Friday 24th of November 2017

Maritime Museum, Barcelona

Simultaneous translation into French/Catalan/Spanish/English will be provided.

9h15—9h30 Opening and Welcome

  • Frederic Ximeno, Commissioner of Ecology, Barcelona City Council
  • Jérémie Fosse, President, eco-union

9h30-11h Managing the Mediterranean: A sea of challenges - Debate on the governance of the Mediterranean Sea

  • Najib Saab, Secretary general, Arab Forum for Environment and Development
  • Josep Ferrer, Director, European Institute of the Mediterranean
  • SDG, Union for the Mediterranean (tbc)
  • Director, Plan Bleu, UNEP/MAP
  • Ana Barreira, Environmental Lawyer, IIDMA

11h-11h30: Coffee break and networking

Networking and coffee break 

11h30-13h Cleaning the Mediterranean: Diving into trouble waters - Debate on marine litter, circular and blue economy

  • Andrés Cozar, Researcher, University of Cadiz
  • Mamoun Ghallab, Break Free from Plastic
  • European Commission representative (DG Mare/envi) (tbc)*
  • Director, Ecoembes
  • SwitchMed: SCP/RAC / Seas at Risk (tbc)*
  • Stephane Arditi, Policy Manager, EEB (tbc)
  • Karin Dubsky, CoastWatch (tbc)*
  • Moderadors: Vanessa Salvo, SurfRider Foundation / Ignasi Puig, ENT

15h-17h: Workshop on Marine Litter: Approval of the Barcelona Declaration on Marine litter in the Mediterranean

Oil peak is going to transform the way people, objects and information move worldwide. Mobilities under climate change are going to re-define transportation systems and lifestyles in cities. Thinking in new utopias as a way to draw future scenarios for a mobile society in cities, this panel aims to respond to fundamental questions such as: what is the future of mobile societies in a post-oil scenario? How is going to change the wish for auto-mobility of today’s societies? Will we still have the right to be mobile tomorrow? How should the cities respond in creating new systems based on low carbon mobilities?

Moderator: David Bravo, Architect , CCCB

Adrià Gomila, Mobility Director, Ajuntament de Barcelona

Eric Vidalenc, Reginonal Director, ADEME (The French Environment and Energy Management Agency)

Salvador Rueda, Director, BCN Urban Ecology Agency

17h-17h30: Conclusions from the workshops and final closing

  • eco-union
  • ENT Foundation
  • Surfrider Foundation

18h-19h: Presentation of the book “Nature & Sustainability in the Mediterranean” (IEMed & e-u)

  • Najib Saab, Secretary general, Arab Forum for Environment and Development
  • Jordi Pigem, thinker and writer