Barcelona Declaration: Facing Marine litter in the Mediterranean

 24th – November 2017

15h-17h Marine Museum of Barcelona

Toward next COP20 for the Barcelona Convention the Mediterranean institutions and NGOs outline the Barcelona Commitment facing marine litter in the Mediterranean area for 2025. As citizens, citizen initiatives and NGOs, we call for waste prevention to reduce marine litter (in line with the Rio+20 §163 declaration, the Waste Hierarchy as outlined in the Waste Framework Directive and the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) objectives). Mediterranean was first Regional Sea Programme to develop a Regional plan on the management of Marine Litter in 2013. In the context of the Barcelona Convention and Mediterranean UNEP/MAP, we see it urgent to move in a much more ambitious and dedicated way towards a “Mediterranean without Plastics”.

By means of a participative and dynamic workshop the participants mark out a commitment considering gaps and needs for the COP20 next December. The document signed with adhered institutions will deliver to 20th Meeting of the Contracting Parties of the Barcelona Convention (COP 20).

Barcelona commitment: Facing Marine Litter in the Mediterranean Towards 2025

Participative workshop about Marine Litter toward The Barcelona Commitment

Coordinated by Surfrider Foundation Europe and Fundació ENT

  • Where do we stand now? – The current situation of plastics in the Mediterranean area
  • Where do we want to go? – The Barcelona Commitment: Mediterranean without plastics
  • Concrete steps for socio-environmental change
  • Contribution of institutions, citizens and NGOs: Opportunity for change in the context next 20th Ordinary Meeting of the Contracting Parties of Barcelona Convention (COP20)

Working subgroups:

      1. Strategic objectives
      2. Specific objectives
  • Conclusion of the workshop and steps forward Tirana, December 2017
    1. Final draft The Barcelona Commitment  
    2. Press release The Barcelona Commitment

Organized by Surfrider Foundation Europe and ENT Fundació

ENT fundació is promoting a fair society respectful with the environment.

Surfrider Foundation Europe is an European association of people who passionately protect the ocean, waves, and beaches.