Change of Climate, Climate of Change

2015 is a critical year for the global sustainability agenda. First, innovative financial tools and economic mechanisms to support international development and cooperation will be launched in Ethiopia in July. Then, seventeen ambitious Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are to be approved in September with concrete environmental, economic and social targets to be reached by all countries. Finally, the Paris conference on Climate, also known as COP21, will gather in December thousand of world leaders to commit on a global agreement against climate change.

With now more than half of the global population living in urban areas and producing about 75% of carbon emissions, it is becoming clear that this race towards sustainability will be won or lost in the cities. To contribute positively to this necessary transition in urban areas, Barcelona, as a living laboratory for smart urbanism, environmental policies and citizen participation, will host the first Energy, Cities and Climate Forum & Exhibition.

This international event will encourage sustainability commitment and momentum towards Paris Climate Conference. The 2-days event will gather high level political, social and economic leaders from around Europe and the Mediterranean region to discuss the disruptive transformations that are reshaping the relationships between Energy, Climate and Cities. A public exhibition showing concrete urban solutions to mitigate or adapt climate change will be showed in Barcelona or other european cities. Moreover a political declaration on the role of cities and citizens will be agreed on and taken to the Paris Conference as the official outcomes of this event.

Again, we want to remind – and express our gratitude – the critical role of our network of partners, volunteers and collaborators, which act as co-catalysts of the transition to sustainability throughout the whole Mediterranean region. With this growing ambition and expanded geographic focus, we hope to strengthen the eco forums as innovative and inspiring events towards a more prosperous, inclusive and fair Mediterranean society.

Jeremie Fosse
Director Global Eco Forum & President eco-union