Type of workshop: training and capacity building

Date and time: 23/10/15, 9h30-13h (training) + 14h-15h30 (performance)

Location: Sant Pau Art Nouveau Site, c/ Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025 Barcelona

Group: between 10 and 15 participants

Price: 50€. It includes access to the whole eco-forum, coffees and lunch.

Description: The TRIP model (Touch get Ready and Impulse your Project) aims at empowering empathic leaders who are looking for ways to create and implement ambitious sustainable initiatives. It is a workshop about creativity, collaboration and innovation moving towards a green and sustainable future. During the workshop, participants will create a collective choreography under the guidance of the professional dancer Helana Lizari. Trainer and business coach Koos Vos will assist in making the connection with the professional reality and personal needs of the participants. By involving the body (movement) in the path of change, participants will have the opportunity to become more daring, creative and empathic leaders in their professional and personal sustainability projects. They will also better focus on team work, decision-making and sustainable futures visualizing.

Separate registration:  https://globalecoforum.eventbrite.es


Koos Vos

is senior associate professor at EADA Business School in Barcelona. As a trainer and a coach he has been challenging for 15 years the leadership of managers from around 50 different countries.

Helena Lizari

has been exploring the human body all her life. She has done her master studies at the prestigious School for Dance Development in Amsterdam. She has an extensive international track record as a creator and performer.


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