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Who is Eco-Union?

Eco Union is an environmental association created in 2005. Our activities concentrate on conducting research projects, organising events and advocating for a transition towards a just and sustainable development, in particular with a Mediterranean focus. Our objective is to connect agents of change among the different sectors of society, public administration, economic and social actors to impulse collaboration and catalyse this green transition.

With this aim, since 2008, Eco-Union organises multi-stakeholders events, of national and international scope: “the Eco Forums”.

The Global Eco Forums: multi-stakeholders transnational events for change

The forums gather experts, change agents and opinion leaders from a wide variety of sector (workers from the public administration, private sector, third sector, and general citizenship…) to debate, share experience and knowledge on the challenges  and opportunities for the Mediterranean basin transition toward sustainability. The forums thus aim at promoting dialogue, innovation and collaboration from key actors of the Euro-Mediterranean region. The emphasis has been put on the burning issues related to sustainable development, climate change, energy, water and economy. Since 2008, the eco-forums have taken place in major Mediterranean cities such as Barcelona, Malaga or Marseille. In the context of the Covid crisis, our 2020 edition of the Blue Eco Forum was held online, taking advantage of the opportunities offered by virtual tools.

Find the recording of the 2020 edition of the Blue Eco Forum here

Join us and be part of the Blue Eco Community!

Do you want to be part of the change transition? Become a member of our Blue Eco Community and help us reaching policy makers and mainstreaming green and blue economy in the Mediterranean by supporting our Research, Awareness and Advocacy activities! Whether you are a student, activist, professional of the sustainability field, decision maker, or a citizen wanting to be part of the transition, you have a role to play! There are four different type of Blue Eco membership: Supporter (students, grass field activist, citizens in transitions), Doer and Maker (professionals and Engaged citizens), Ambassador (philanthropist, Decision makers and opinion leaders, and Front-Runner (public and private Organisations).

Be part of the Blue Eco Community:

Keep up with the latest news and activities by joining the Blue Eco Forum group on Linkedin.