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The Blue Eco Forum taking place on Friday 25 of November in Barcelona aims to address the main challenges the mediterranean sea is facing at the environmental, social and economic levels.

During the day, key notes, debates and participative workshops will gather more than 100 participants and over 30 experts and decision-makers. From 17h-22h, the Blue Festival side-event will propose cultural performances and citizens’ awareness micro-events for adults and children.

Go through the agenda, from 9h to 17h, key actors from different sectors (private and public sector, research centres, NGOs and civil society) will draw collective and shared thinking and actions regarding: blue economy, over-fishing, water management, land and coast, marine litter and migrations. 

In particular, the Blue eco forum, labelled as an official Marrakech COP-22 side-event, will:

  • Reflect on the economic, environmental and social state of the Mediterranean region.
  • Debate on the Blue Economy challenges and opportunities.
  • magine new models of Governance for a better management of the Commons.
  • Promote actions and solutions to avoid marine litter and reduce over-fishing.

Here you can find some political, economic and social key actors invited to the event:

  • Marta Subira, Secretary of Environment and Sustainability, Government of Catalonya
  • Anne-France Didier, Director, Plan Bleu (UNEP/MAP)
  • Matthieu Amiraux, Head of Logistics, MSF Spain (Doctors Without Borders)
  • George Saliba, Ambassador, Union for the Mediterranean (UfM)
  • Ann Dom, Deputy Director, Seas At Risk
  • Aniol Esteban, Programme Director, New Economics Foundation
  • Brian O’Riordan, Deputy Director, Low Impact Fishers of Europe (LIFE)

The Blue eco forum and the Blue Festival are co-organized by a coalition of international NGOs, including eco-union, ENT Foundation and EUCC Mediterranean Centre, and supported by leading public institutions, such as the Barcelona Council and the Government of Catalonia ( See our Partners)

It will be held at the Maritim Museum of Barcelona.

REGISTER HERE – Registration is free

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